5 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Email List NOW!

Did you know that your email list decline in productivity by about 22 percent every year that you do not clean your email list? Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your email list fresh and updated through the process called Email scrubbing. 

Email scrubbing is the act of removing subscribers that do not see, open, or interact with your emails. Though your email list might become smaller, it becomes more effective. You would notice an increase in your click-through rates and opened emails.

When Should You Clean Your Email List?

First, there are no hard and fast rules as to the time you should clean your email list. You should, however, be proactive about it because by the time it is evident that there is something wrong, it might be too late. Here are certain things you should check to know when you need to clean your email list. 

    • Check your click-through rates against your open rate. If your click-through rate is far less than your open rate, you need to clean your email list. 
    • You should find out about the rates in your industry and compare your rates. Though each email list is unique, if your click-through rates and open rates are lower than the average in your industry, you should do an email scrubbing. 
    • Check your ‘unsubscribes’ and ‘spam complains.’ If you are getting a lot of unsubscribes and spam complaints, you should clean your email list. If you get a lot of spam complaints, you stand a risk of being listed as spam by ESPs. This means that all your mails will be taken to the spam folder instead of directly to your subscriber’s inbox. 
    • Before you clean your email list, try to find out why you are getting those reductions in rates, unsubscribes, and complaints. You should also make efforts to re-engage your subscribers and correct soft bounces. 

After you have done all these, with or without results, you should proceed to clean all your email lists. 

Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Email List Now

You might still not be motivated enough to clean your email list, or you feel like you can postpone it. Here are the reasons why you should do an email scrubbing now. 

1. Accurate Delivery

Your deliverability rate is an important statistic determining if you are doing things right. With invalid data and discontinued emails as part of your email list, your deliverability rate will continue to drop and will affect your reputation with internet service providers (ISP). Cleaning your email list also ensures that your emails go into your subscribers’ inbox, not junk folder. 

People rarely open their junk folder, so it is unlikely that they will see the email. Even when they do, they likely won’t take any action on it. Save yourself some hassle and scrub your email list. 

2. Lower the Bounces

List cleaning helps you remove invalid, discontinued, and fake emails. These emails are the primary cause of bounces. As part of being proactive, you should also find out what was wrong and remove the cause of these bounces before any damage is done to your reputation. 

3. Reduce the complaints and spam traps

Spam traps and complaints give you a bad reputation with ISPs. No email verification service can help you remove all spam traps and complaints. However, you can drastically reduce complaints and spam traps in your email list. If you regularly clean your email list and collect email addresses the right way, you can stay off the ISPs hit list.

4. Accurate Data Analysis

Your data must be correct because statistics from your data help you implement effective strategies. If you have subscribers that don’t see your emails or email addresses that don’t exist, then your data is inaccurate. As a consequence, you would end up carrying out strategies that will not work as they are based on false data. 

Regular email scrubbing increases your data accuracy and ends up making your strategy effective. 

5. Cut the Cost

Email scrubbing helps you cut the cost of marketing to inexistent leads. Many email marketing services charge based on the number of subscribers you have on your email list. If you have a lot of false addresses, spam traps, bounces, you end up wasting money without generating any useful leads or sales. 

How Do I Clean My Email List?

Instead of manually looking through your email list and removing toxic email addresses, there are many email verification tools that can help you improve your email list. The process is easier and faster with these services. You can also get it at a fantastic price by using our discount coupons and codes like ZeroBounce discount code and MailFloss discount coupon. 

ZeroBounce is an award-winning email validation service. You can get a direct verification in any language of your choice. Your high bounce rate becomes a thing of the past with a step by step eradication of all hard and soft bounces from your email list. The service focuses on not just bounces but all toxic and disposable emails. Use our ZeroBounce Coupon and get 10% off all plans.

Another email verification service is MailFloss. It is an excellent service for automatic bulk email verification by busy businesses. The “autofloss” feature also keeps your list regularly clean by automatically scanning for toxic email addresses daily. The service is easy to use and integrates nicely with other marketing tools. If you have a large email list and you are tired of paying the high costs of email verification services, you would love our MailFloss discount of 30% off all packages

Email scrubbing is an important, beneficial routine in email marketing. Do not wait to see the effects of not scrubbing your email list. You can save time, cost, and energy by using these services to clean your list instead of doing it manually.

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