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Offer by Carts Guru
Carts Guru
$10 SMS Credit at Carts Guru
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  • User-centred Campaigns that your customers will love
  • Automated multichannel marketing campaign strategy with smart segmentation
  • Direct integration with your store for seamless marketingc
  • Automated workflow that works even when you are asleep

Carts Guru – Your Multiple-Channel Marketing Campaign Helpmate

Do you wish to unlock the potential of your e-commerce business and take it to another level? Do you find it hard to engage with your customers and make them feel important? You need automation platforms like Carts Guru to carry out marketing campaigns effectively.

Carts Guru is a platform that helps you carry out fully automated marketing campaigns to target your audience at the right time on channels that they will respond to best. This platform makes it easier for you to combine several marketing channels to maximize returns. 

Carts Guru Homepage

Read more about how this platform works in this review.  

How Does Carts Guru Work?

Cart Guru is an automated marketing tool for e-commerce business. Carts Guru helps e-business owners and merchants automate online marketing strategies, send messages across multiple channels even when you are asleep. 

You can save time and money using Carts Guru to synchronize all the data and e-commerce features of your business. This platform helps you to target your audience at the right time and on the right channel.  

Carts Guru automates workflows helping you chase up all leads and convert every sale. This platform helps you to create and customize your campaigns for the consideration, awareness, and after-care of your intending customers in just a few clicks. 

How Does Carts Guru Work?

Are you interested in knowing how this platform can help grow your e-commerce business? Let’s take a look at the features of Carts Guru.

What are the Features of Carts Guru?

Carts Guru has an intuitive in-house technology for marketing automation and other features for your e-commerce business. You can enjoy all these features with our incredible Carts Guru discount codes.  

Here are some of the features of Carts Guru that helps your business growth and revenue generation;

Automated Multichannel Management. Carts Guru increases the impact of your messages by making sure they reach your customers on the channel that they are most likely to use. The channels are email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. 

What are the Features of Carts Guru?

These channels ensure you can bring lost customers back to your store, increase sales by recommending products, and reach your customers faster. 

Search Dashboard. You can find and analyze relevant e-commerce metrics in one place with Carts Guru. This feature helps you effectively compare each of your campaigns. It also helps you to know who to target by knowing the profitability of your campaigns.

Campaign Automation. Carts Guru helps send automated multichannel marketing campaigns that would target your customers on the channel that they would reply to best and at the right time. You can create your first-class campaigns in a few minutes. You also get to send them at a scheduled time.

Targeted Audiences. You can automatically enroll your customers into lists that are smart and relevant. A customer moves to your inactive customers’ lists when they don’t purchase after a particular period. A customer also transfers to your VIP list when they spend over a specific amount on purchase.

Carts Guru has all the features you need for your marketing. There are also certain advantages you gain from choosing the platform. You can learn more about the benefits of the platform below.

What are the Benefits of Carts Guru?

Carts Guru is super easy to use. In just a few links, you can customize your marketing campaigns and launch it. You can combine email, SMS, Facebook Messenger into one campaign to reach every one of your customers. 

What are the Benefits of Carts Guru?

Here are some other benefits of Carts Guru:

  • Unique campaigns that are user-centred 
  • Easy integration that gives fast results
  • Fully automated multichannel marketing strategies that deliver constantly
  • Smart segmentation that helps you group your customers into relevant lists  
  • Monitor the success of your campaigns on your dashboard

Carts Guru has all you need for an excellent multichannel marketing campaign. Our sweet Carts Guru discount codes. get you a $10 SMS credit when you register. You can understand how to use Carts Guru from the tips below.

How to Use Carts Guru: 

Carts Guru is one of the best automated multichannel marketing campaigns for e-commerce. It is easy to use, intuitive, and user-centred. You can follow these steps to use this plugin.

Step 1: Download and install the Carts Guru App.

Step 2: Sign-up on the Carts Guru App. Ensure you use our Carts Guru discount coupons when you sign up.

Step 3: Set up your account on the Guru App and go through the basic configuration process and link your store to Carts Guru.

Carts Guru helps grow your e-commerce business. Buy it now to enjoy it!

Offer by Carts Guru
Carts Guru
$10 SMS Credit at Carts Guru
Love this dealSave it for later!

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