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  • Video conversion technology that guarantees a boost in your video conversions
  • Customizable player to make your video look just exactly as you want it
  • Unlimited video upload at any point in time
  • Responsive HTML5 player allows Vidalytics to function on any device

Vidalytics – The Video Tracking and Analytics Platform You Need

Everyone is watching videos these days. As a marketer, eCommerce store owner, or funnel builder, you want to leverage on that. But, it would be best if you did it right. Are you in need of a platform that can help you increase your video conversions? 

Vidalytics, powered by video conversion technology, can assist you in boosting your conversions. It is a fantastic platform that helps you build your video conversions quickly with mobile auto-play and other features. 

Vidalytics Homepages

Do you wish to know how Vidalytics works? Learn more about Vidalytics below.  

How Does Vidalytics Work? 

Vidalytics is a video marketing platform that can play, host, and stream your videos. It supports an end-to-end online video playing through mobile auto-play. This platform helps you get better results compared to what other video players would give you. 

Vidalytics How it Works

Vidalytics would also help you protect your videos and prevent people from stealing your works. It has all you need to make sales and conversions from your videos. You can edit and customize your videos, analyze the effectiveness of your videos, and make necessary corrections for optimal conversions.

Are you interested in how this platform can help you move your video marketing to another level? Learn more about the features of Vidalytics below.

What are the Features of Vidalytics? 

Vidalytics is a platform that is capable of increasing your conversions. You can realize the truth of this statement by checking out the features offered. Some of those features are;

Vidalytics Analytics. Vidalytics provides all the insights you need to know how well your videos are doing. You can see down to the very second how your viewers watch your videos. The platform provides heat maps, playable graphs, compare, and clean data on all your videos.

Customizable Player. Vidalytics is a platform that enables you to customize your video player and makes your video perfect for viewers unique to your brand. This feature allows editing your videos to make it look and sound as you want. It will also fit into the design of your website. 

What are the Features of Vidalytics

HTML5 Player. Vidalytics platform gives you a responsive, fast, and clean HTML5 player for different screen sizes of any device. This feature modifies easily and works on all devices, whether smartphones or laptops. 

Vidalytics has excellent features that you will find useful. You will get higher conversions from the platform. One benefit of choosing this video marketing platform is that you can enjoy our Vidalytics discount deals. Learn more about the benefits you can get from using Vidalytics as your video marketing tool. 

What are the Benefits of Vidalytics?

Vidalytics has lots of outstanding qualities that you will not gain from similar software. You can enjoy all the advantages. Some other benefits you derive from using this platform include:

  • Vidalytics grants you full access to your video, as well as your conversions.
  • This platform helps you set up with short, precise steps. 
  • Vidalytics helps you to follow your video’s performance second-by-second with segments. 

Vidalytics Benefits

  • Customizable look to make your videos fit your brand and site design 
  • Accessible on any device  

Vidalytics has all the features you need. It is simple and powerful. Our sweet Vidalytics discount codes and coupons also offer you 30% off the price once you register. Learn more about how to use this platform below. 

How to Use Vidalytics:

Vidalytics is a platform that is easy and simple to use. You will find it easy to navigate through the features provided by Vidalytics. You can follow these steps to use the tool.  

Step 1: You upload your video on our platform 

Step 2: After you’ve uploaded the video, customize the settings such as changing the player colour, playback options, etc.  

Step 3: All you have to do is drop the video Embed code on your site, anywhere you want it.

Vidalytics has all you need in a video marketing tool. Buy now to enjoy it!

Offer by Vidalytics
30% Off Vidalytics
Love this dealSave it for later!

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