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  • Search extensive databases for high-ranking keywords on Amazon to know what to sell.
  • Keep an eye on the keywords your competitors are using.
  • Stay ahead of the trend by discovering buyers’ habits in real-time.
  • Track products and their sales trends in real-time.

Egrow – Your All-in-One Amazon Product Research Tool

At one point or the other, every Amazon seller has faced that point of confusion or dilemma as they struggle to decide which best-selling products to sell. Picking the wrong product can easily mean wasted time, money and effort. What if you found out that a tool can make the decision process as easy as it needs to be? 

Egrow - Your All-in-One Amazon Product Research Tool

Egrow is a web-based tool that is specifically designed for Amazon sellers. Each day, the tool carefully analyses the millions of products all across Amazon marketplaces and collates sales data on each of them. 

This data is neatly presented in concise charts, panels, and formats, making your product analyses and assessments as easy and swift as you need them to be. With the information gathered, you can then decide which products would be best for profitable sales.

How Does Egrow Work?

Egrow is a fully integrated web-based application that helps Amazon sellers to discover what profitable products they can start selling right away! It does this by easily tracking products and analyse them later on the product details page. 

Egrow works with an impressively extensive product database that allows you to have access to millions of products. With this database at your fingertips, you can then sift through, sort, filter, and discover best-selling products.

How Does Egrow Work?

The tool then helps you understand what your potential buyers are looking at, so you can seize great selling opportunities as they arise and stay ahead of trends. 

What Are Egrow’s Features and Benefits?

Egrow does not disappoint when you look at its irresistible features, which you can access with our equally irresistible Egrow discount deals. The features are:

  1. Live Amazon Scanner: Egrow provides you with extensive databases to make searches and access to a live Amazon scanner. With this scanner, you can easily and seamlessly perform real-time keyword searches and extract data on what buyers are interested in purchasing.What Are Egrow’s Features and Benefits?
  2. Keyword and Research tool: Egrow’s keyword and niche research tool is one of the best around. The intuitive tool guides you to key phrases that have little competition but high sales volumes. This means you get to discover uncommon hot-selling products that buyers would love. The tool also includes international markets.
  3. Reverse ASIN Research tool: To keep you always ahead of the game, Egrow has a secret weapon for you — its almighty Reverse ASIN Research Tool. This allows you to search for high-ranking keywords that your competitors are using.
  4. Rank Tracker: After you identify your competitors’ highly ranked keywords, you can then keep tabs on their top key phrases with the Rank Tracker.
  5. Saved Searches feature: Egrow gives you the gift of keeping an organised research system. After tracking and analysing tools do their jobs, you can then used the saved searches feature, so you never lose track of products you want to keep an eye on. 

You can have these impressive features in your toolbox for awesome prices by using our Egrow coupon code.  

Overall Solution Summary

Egrow is an application that helps Amazon sellers search analyse the best-selling products in their niche to further drive sales.

Overall Solution Summary

How to Use Egrow:

Step 1: Sign up using our Egrow discount coupon and find your neatly organised dashboard.  

Step 2: Next, start exploring the extensive database research tools and set filters to narrow down your specific niche results.

Step 3: Analyse the results collected. Determine the best products for you and your buyers.

Step 4: Save search results of products you might want to return to or keep an eye on.

  • testimonial user
    Nice tool especially for the price. Keep it up gusys!
  • testimonial user
    I love it. It's easy to use and read by using different colors and tutorial make it easier to understand.
  • testimonial user
    Very useful. It helps you to work smarter
    A. Muzaini
Offer by Egrow
50% Off Egrow
Love this dealSave it for later!

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